1. Are there any restrictions for the photographer such as where we are allowed to be .

2.Location of the ceremony.

3.Location of the reception.

4.Is the wedding indoors or outdoors.

5. Do you want photos of the rehearsal.

6. Will there be a united candle, sand etc.

7.How many guest is to be expected.

8. Will there be a DJ at the reception

9. Will there be dancing.

10. Will there be a bouquet toss.

11. Will there be a garter toss.

12. Will there be a getaway car.

13.Will there be an exchange of rings.

14. Will there be a head table for the bride and groom.

15. Does the bride and groom prefer wedding photos before and after the wedding.( Some clients prefer to have a short photo shoot before or after the actual wedding)

16. How many in the wedding party 

17. Do you have family member or friend that is familiar with everyone that will be designated as the wrangler( to round up the  family members that you would like portraits with when the photographer is ready for them)

18. Will you be getting dressed at the venue.

19. What type of photos do you prefer Traditional ( focused on posed style) photojournalistic ( story telling) casual and candid ( random shots of everything and every one) or a mixture.

20. Do you have a list of at least 10 moments that you would consider a must such as mother daughter before the wedding, father daughter dance,lacing up the dress the first look etc.

21. Should you have any questions for the photographer, they need to be addressed asap.

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