Bridal photography

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A bridal photo session can be a wonderful and fun experience. 

For the same reason most will have a rehearsal  before the big day (you want to make sure everything goes as planned) a bridal photo session  is  a way that you can test your makeup and hair and see how it  holds up for the day. 

It allows you time to get to know the photographer ( maybe that will be us) and get more comfortable  in front of a camera.

The more comfortable you are with your photographer, the more relaxed you become resulting in better portraits.

 You get to play dress up and wear that  beautiful dress more than once.

You're  able to do an outdoor session, which makes for gorgeous images.

Although, most weddings are focused on the bride, you are not doing this alone, so if you don't mind your loving groom seeing your dress before the big day, go ahead and bring him along, it will only make the day better for you. 

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